How can zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers eat burrs and save more?

Traditional manual deburring is a method commonly used in general zinc alloy die casting plants, using files, sandpaper, and grinders as auxiliary tools. The file has manual file and pneumatic displacement. Suitable for products with small burrs and simple product structure.


Die deburring, using a cooperating punch press to make a die to deburr zinc alloy die castings. Suitable for products with simple parting surface, power and deburring effect are better than manual.


Grinding and deburring This type of deburring includes vibration, sand blasting, rollers, etc., and there is a problem that the removal is not very clean. It may require subsequent manual processing of remaining burrs or other methods of deburring, which is suitable for large batches of small products.


There are many ways to deburr die-casting parts, but the methods are all targeted. Zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers can choose the appropriate method according to the product characteristics, which saves both cost and time.

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