Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die castings are available in alloys including 380 & 383. Specifications include plus /- 0.0025 tolerances & molding weight range from 1/2 Oz to 12 lbs. Features of aluminum die castings include thin wall, corrosion resistance, light weight, nice serface, and electrical conductivity.

Die casting utilizes 1 to 800 ton cold chambers with manual & automated operations. We have supplied aluminu die casting parts and enclosures to aerospace, military, electronic, medical markets. Our products include: die casting boxes, heat sinks, and lighting enclosures.

Material Choices: A356,A360,A380,A390,A383,A413,AlSi10Mg,ADC-12,ADC-14,LM4,LM6,LM9
Standards ASTM B85 Die Castings

A356 is the most popular. A380 aluminum alloy is also widely used for casting general-purpose die castings. When sourcing from China, we’d suggest some flexibility with raw material. For example, A383 is not as easy to find than A380 in China, and A380 can usually subsitute A383.