Why doesn’t zinc alloy die-casting rust?

Zinc alloy die-casting products can be found everywhere in people’s lives, but we don’t realize it, or even say that, just see that metal jewelry, small commodities, handicrafts, etc. that do not rust are almost all made of zinc alloy.

In terms of chemistry, iron products will rust because the iron element combines with oxygen and moisture in the air to produce a chemical reaction, and then a new substance is formed, which is mainly composed of iron oxide and ferrous oxide; while zinc Alloy die-casting products will not produce this situation.https://hotchamberdiecasting.com/ The reason why zinc alloy does not rust is similar to that of its own active protection system, because zinc element combines with oxygen in the air to form a fine passivation film on the surface. Prevent the air from continuously eroding the inside of the metal matrix, and then achieve the protective effect. After a long time, you will see the appearance of the zinc alloy die-casting product being discolored, but after the surface layer is hung, the inside is still the same as the original zinc alloy. No matter how the surface layer is corroded, Zinc alloy does not produce similar things.

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