What will affect the price when customizing zinc alloy die castings?

When customizing a zinc alloy die-casting part, you will find that different processes will have different quotations. What is it that affects the price?

1. The technological process of zinc alloy die-casting parts, the technological process of each product is different, some have one more process, and some die-casting parts have fewer processes if the requirements are not high, resulting in different prices.

2. The structure, size and weight of die castings will also affect the price. The complex structure has a larger area, and the heavier weight is higher than the simple structure, small area and light weight. The price and cost are higher.

3. The impact of price is also related to die-casting plants. A one-stop die-casting plant is more economical, more efficient, and faster in delivery than outsourced die-casting plants. Choosing a one-stop zinc alloy die-casting plant can save intermediate costs, and quality and delivery can be effectively guaranteed!

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