What should I pay attention to in the die casting of aluminum alloy?

Aluminum alloy die-casting products are mainly used in electronics, automobiles, motors and some communication industries. Of course, some instruments will still be used first. So what should we pay attention to in aluminum alloy die casting?

First, consider the issue of demolding,

2. Consider the problem of aluminum alloy die-casting wall thickness. The thickness difference is too big to affect the filling

3. In terms of structure, please try to prevent the appearance of the structure that leads to the chaos of the mold structure. It is necessary to use multi-core drawing or spiral core drawing

Fourth, some die-casting parts may have special requirements, such as oil injection

Fifth, consider mold issues in the design. If the core pulling position has multiple positions, try to put both ends as far away as possible. It’s better not to put it in a lower position. This can cause problems when the core tension is too long for aluminum alloy die-casting.

Special attention should be paid to the following points in the process of die casting of aluminum alloy die casting:

1. The classification of mold parting surfaces is very troublesome and easy to be overlooked. If the boss has a high starting point and buys a good mold, the operation will be much easier. If the quality of the mold is poor, burrs or dust will inevitably appear on the parting surface of the mold during production. . The operator should arrange these parts frequently and be equipped with a small spatula at all times.

If the burrs are not removed in time, the parting surface of the mold will easily collapse, causing aluminum to flow during the production process. Once such a result is formed, no matter how much you are a mold repair expert, the possibility of comprehensive repair is very small. This does not mean that they are incapable.


The results of running aluminum are shown. This not only increases the cost of die casting, waste aluminum, and product quality is also unstable, especially the internal quality, but also increases the difficulty of determining process parameters, the qualification rate will drop a lot, and safety considerations increase There is an opportunity for work-related injuries.

During the shift, the operator thoroughly cleaned the parting surface of the mold with kerosene, which not only prevented the mold from being crushed, but also removed the release agent residue on the mold or other molds by cleaning. The venting groove for dust removal is beneficial to the discharge of gas in the cavity during the injection process, and the product quality is improved. For the team, it is appropriate to clean the parting surface twice. Let employees develop good habits.

2. When each team took over, carefully checked according to the company’s “Mold Checklist” and found that the problem was solved in time, avoiding unnecessary troubles.

3. Use mold cooling system. The mold cooling water not only prolongs the service life of the mold, but also improves the production efficiency under the correct application conditions. In actual production, we often ignore its importance, and the operators also try to save energy. The connection is too troublesome, so I don’t want to connect the cooling water pipe. Some companies even share the cost of saving molds when customizing molds. Then the cooling water has a very serious result.

The mold material is usually made of special mold steel through various treatments. No matter how good the use limit (such as temperature) of the mold steel is, when using the mold, if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy to prematurely crack on the core surface. Some molds will appear in a large area, even more than 2000 mold cracks.

Even when the mold is produced, the mold core will change color due to the high mold temperature. By measuring and even reaching more than four hundred degrees, this temperature can easily show cracks when it encounters the cooling state of the release agent. The resulting product is also prone to deformation, strain and stickiness.

When mold cooling water is used, the use of mold release agent can be greatly reduced, so that the operator will not use mold release agent to lower the temperature of the mold. The advantage is that it can effectively extend the life of the mold, save the die-casting cycle, improve the quality of the product, reduce the occurrence of sticky molds and strains and aluminum stickiness, and reduce the use of mold release agents. It can also reduce the loss of ejector pins and cores caused by overheating of the mold.

4. During the production process, the mold must be preheated to prevent cracks when the cold mold suddenly encounters high-heat metal liquid, and the dirty mold can use blowtorch and liquefied gas. The mold temperature machine is in good condition, and relatively simple molds can be preheated by slow injection.

5. If the mold is equipped with neutron control, please pay attention to the stop of the signal line between the die casting machine and the mold. The reason is clear. In daily production, it is difficult to prevent water on the signal line. Maybe the joints are dry.

Then it forms a short circuit with the machine tool. If there is a problem with the signal, the alarm will automatically stop, the time will be delayed, the signal will be confused, and the mold will be damaged. Form unnecessary losses. The limit switch is waterproof.

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