Three important factors for zinc alloy die casting to reduce the cost of die casting

The increase in demand for zinc alloy die-casting has further promoted the expansion of the export zinc alloy die-casting market. More and more domestic die-casting plants have begun to export zinc alloy die-casting. The surface quality of the die-casting parts is good, the dimensional accuracy is high, the rejection rate is low, and the scope of application is wide. The low technical requirements for workers greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the working environment. But its disadvantage is that the cost of die casting is relatively high. In order to reduce the cost of die-casting, various die-casting factories are exploring ways to reduce costs.

In order to reduce the cost of zinc alloy die-casting, you can consider the equipment, raw materials, die-casting process, etc.

1. When choosing a suitable die-casting machine, not only the actual situation of the die-casting plant should be considered, but also the equipment with the right price should be selected, and the operating cost of the equipment should also be considered. The following items should be considered:

1. We must pay attention to the choice of dust removal equipment. When selecting production equipment, most die-casting plants tend to pay more attention to the quality of the equipment, and ignore the quality of the dust removal equipment. In fact, the quality of dust removal equipment directly affects the quality and cost of zinc alloy die-casting. If the dust removal effect of the dust removal equipment is not good, it will not only affect the working environment and pollute the air, but also affect the impurity content of the zinc alloy. The direct result is an increase in the production cost of zinc alloy die-casting, which is undesirable.

2. The reliability of the equipment and its maintenance cost must be considered. The equipment manufacturer’s processing method, assembly level and equipment configuration level determine the reliability of its production equipment. the reliability of the equipment is poor, the possibility of equipment failure is greater, the number of equipment spare parts increases, and the utilization rate of the equipment decreases, which not only increases the workload of the maintenance personnel, increases the maintenance cost of the equipment, but also reduces the production efficiency and Increase production costs.

3. Under the premise of considering equipment energy consumption, meet the requirements of die-casting process, minimize installed capacity, avoid the phenomenon of large carriages, make full use of internal resources, reduce unnecessary energy waste, and make full use of equipment utilization. Maximize the use of energy to improve the efficiency and social benefits of the die-casting plant.

Secondly, a correct and reasonable die-casting process is the key to reducing the cost of zinc alloy die-casting. Is the production process reasonable? It directly affects the output, quality and cost of castings. When formulating the production process, the following points should be mainly determined:

Determine the appropriate die casting process parameters

(1) In production, two trends must be overcome: on the one hand, blindly increase the strength to ensure quality, thereby increasing the cost of casting, resulting in waste; on the other hand, reducing the strength to ensure the cost, resulting in poor quality. The stability and large fluctuation range make the quality of zinc alloy die-casting greatly affected by raw materials and operators. The die-casting plant should determine the appropriate final strength according to its own conditions, so as to save raw materials to a large extent and reduce the cost of die-casting under the premise of ensuring the quality of zinc alloy die-casting.

(2) Determine the appropriate die casting process. The qualified rate of zinc alloy die-casting directly affects the cost. A proper die-casting process can not only ensure the quality of zinc alloy die-casting, but also reduce the cost of die-casting and reduce the rate of casting rejects. Obviously, one of the direct cost measures.

3. The correct selection of raw materials is the basis for reducing the cost of zinc alloy die-casting. The choice of raw materials has a greater impact on the cost of die casting, which has been recognized by most of the peers, because the quality of raw materials affects the addition and consumption of various materials on the one hand, and on the other hand affects the quality of castings. other. Quality Index. A suitable and reliable zinc material manufacturer must be selected to ensure the quality and stability of the raw materials of the die-casting plant.

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