The future development direction of aluminum alloy die-casting and magnesium alloy die-casting

(1) Further improve independent innovation capabilities and product quality. In the future, aluminum alloy die castings will develop in the direction of thin wall, complex shape, high performance and high quality. Therefore, the improvement and innovation of traditional production technology will become an important task for aluminum alloy die casting.

In addition, the selection and application of casting technology must weigh the production cost, performance and quality of the castings, and make an overall analysis of each link.

In order to meet the requirements of high-quality castings, the improvement of alloys matching the casting process and the development of melting and casting technology must attract enough attention, and improving the quality of molten aluminum is still the focus of attention in the aluminum alloy die casting industry.

(2) Shorten the product development cycle, effectively control the cost of castings, and expand the scope of application. Shortening the development cycle can better meet the needs of users and reduce development costs, so as to achieve the purpose of improving product competitiveness. With the increasing application of computer simulation technology, product development time is also greatly reduced, and the current development model based on experience will gradually rise to rationality in the future.

(3) The development of aluminum recycling. Develop technology to effectively separate aluminum from composite materials and waste mixed with dissimilar materials; establish a wide-area economic recovery social system for waste aluminum; through the development and application of refining technology, improve the use of recycled materials in high-performance aluminum alloy castings and The proportion of applications in die castings.

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