Introduce the problems encountered in the application of zinc alloys

Zinc alloy has the advantages of light weight, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, etc., so it is widely used in the automobile industry. The commonly used zinc alloy is the automobile engine system. There are many advantages to using zinc alloys to make engine parts.

The low density of zinc alloy will reduce the inertial mass of moving parts. At the same time, zinc valve spring can increase free vibration, weaken body vibration, and increase engine speed and output power.

Reduce the inertial mass of moving parts, thereby reducing friction and improving the fuel power of the engine. The choice of zinc alloy can reduce the load stress of related parts and reduce the size of the parts, thereby reducing the quality of the engine and the vehicle. The reduction of the inertial mass of the components reduces vibration and noise, and improves the function of the engine. The use of zinc alloys on other parts can improve people’s comfort and car aesthetics. When used in the automotive industry, zinc alloys play an inestimable role in energy conservation and reduction of energy consumption. Low melting point alloy

Although zinc alloy parts have such functions, they are far from the use of zinc and its alloys in the automotive industry. Reasons include high price, poor formability and poor welding function.

The main reason preventing the use of zinc alloys in the entire automotive industry is still high cost.

Whether it is the initial smelting or subsequent processing of metals, the price of zinc alloy is much higher than other metals. The cost of titanium parts that the automotive industry can bear is 8 to 13 US dollars/kg for connecting rod zinc, 13 to 20 US dollars/kg for valves, and zinc materials for springs, engine exhaust systems and fasteners are expected to be less than 8 USD/kg. It is 6 to 15 times that of metal plates and 45 to 83 times that of steel plates.

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