Advantages and applications of zinc alloy die castings

Zinc alloy die casting is a part made of zinc alloy through die casting technology. Compared with ordinary parts, the quality is higher and more durable. The process of zinc alloy die-casting parts is to use a die-casting machine to heat the liquid zinc or pour the zinc alloy into the feed port of the die-casting machine, die-cast by the die-casting machine, and then cast the shape and size of the part restricted by the mold.

Everyone who knows zinc alloy die casting knows that the runners and residual materials in the casting are part of the casting. They have no value in the casting, but these are still included in the cost of the casting. At the same time, the alloy can also be recycled. Usually, these surplus materials will be returned to the original supplier in exchange for new materials. If the supplier does not handle it properly, it will cause air pollution and environmental hazards.

There are many ways to recycle zinc alloy die castings. Zinc alloy die castings are alloys composed of zinc as the main element and some other alloying elements (such as aluminum and copper). The manufacturing process of zinc alloy die-casting parts is usually divided into two types, one is cast zinc alloy and the other is deformed zinc alloy. Each method has different characteristics for zinc alloy casting.

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